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You can see prices, special deals and the order page after registering with us. Please check "How to register" below.

How to register

Click "Login/Register" on the top right corner of the page. The quickest way is to register with your Facebook account, if you have one. Otherwise, fill in the form and click "Register". A confirmation will be sent to your email. Once you are registered, you'll be able to see prices, special deals etc.

How to order

You have to be registered with us before being able to place an order (see "How to register" above). After choosing your product, click "Add to order". Continue shopping until you have added all desired items. To review your order, go to "Order page". Here you can edit quantities or remove items if desired. Click "view order" to display selected items in a new tab. Once you are happy with your final selection, click "place order". Alternatively, you can send your order by email (flow@ajwine.vn) or Zalo 0986318863. Note: use ADVANCED WINE SEARCH feature to browse wines by price, grape type, alcohol content and other parameters.

Minimum order

There is no minimum amount required.

Payment options

You can pay cash on delivery or by bank transfer.

Delivery and collection

All deliveries are made door to door. Alternatively, you can arrange to pick up your order from our collection points (contact us for details).


You may exchange or receive a full refund in case the wine is spoiled or otherwise unfit for consumption. Any claims will be considered only within seven days from date of receipt. For a claim to be successful, the bottle must be 3/4 full and original cork available for inspection. Please contact us as soon as possible after opening the bottle that you believe is corked/spoiled.

Organic & Biodynamic wines

All wines stated as organic or biodynamic are legally certified. Organic registration codes and issuing body are printed on the back label and can be verified online. If necessary, you can ask us for a copy of the organic certificate.

HoReCa customers

Please contact us in order to get all relevant information regarding our Terms & Conditions, wholesale prices, after sales service etc. Our customer base is extremely diverse, starting with small restaurants and all the way to big HoReCa operators. We are confident that we can be your trustful and reliable partner, whatever the size.